PGSUITS copyHello, we are Arizona Ministers Phillip & Gwen Waring.

You must be searching for someone to perform your legal marriage in Arizona. The law requires a Judge or Arizona Minister to perform a ceremony. Upon our  pronouncement you are “married,” your new life together begins. So, if you’d rather not say “I do” in front of judge, we might just be right for you.

We’re not imposing and many tell us that we relieved so much of their stress. Our only goal is making couples happy with their wedding ceremony on their special day. We would love to do it for you!

You can trust Arizona Ministers to lead the most meaningful and intimate public moment of your wedding day.

We meet couples “where they are” and want everyone to know we are caring, open-minded, composed, and expressive wedding ministers. Whether a civil or spiritual ceremony, you know it will be relevant and romantic.

And you don’t have to call us Rev.

Just call us at 480-502-0707.