Flagstaff Wedding Ministers | Photo: HarrisonHurwitz

1. First, give us a call so we can check our calendar. Tell us the wedding date, ceremony start time and exact location of the ceremony. If we are not available for your date and time we will offer to introduce you to an associate minister who is available. On this call you can tell us if you want a spiritual ceremony expressing some loving elements of your faith or a civil ceremony with no religious content.

2. Next, let’s set an appointment. We can discuss your ceremony content and you can determine if we’re a fit for you. We can meet at our Phoenix Wedding Studio, the Flagstaff Wedding Studio, by telephone or Skype, and sometimes even the very venue you have chosen. We’ll work to make it convenient for everyone.

3. Our appointment will be casual and wide open.  The ceremony is about YOU, so we take plenty of notes during our meeting so your ceremony can have everything you desire. We also go over a ceremony outline to discuss each and every point. We ask a few questions to guide us. You can add, delete or change any aspect of the ceremony.

We’re experienced with sensitive family issues and comfortable with all couples (exception: Arizona Ministers does not perform weddings for minors). Our three-step rehearsal guide is printed so you can use it, or you can hire us to lead the rehearsal (add $100 plus overnight expenses, if any). You will receive a copy of our wedding services agreement and we can go over all the details (see the agreements). You can book immediately or take a few days to meet other officiants. You’ll never feel pressure from us.

4. Purchase a marriage license from any county in Arizona. Immediately after your ceremony we will sign it together with your two witnesses. We have it legally recorded and you are married for life!

Call us at 480-502-0707

Photo: Harrison Hurwitz